3 Hrs. Central Park Pedicab Tours

3-Hrs. Central Park Pedicab Tours
Central Park Pedicab Tours New York

Park Tour by Pedicab Rickshaws

This 3 Hour Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tour is our ultimate experience in seeing, learning, and discovering all the main features that Central Park has to offer. We cover all stops from our 1 and 2 hour tours, and go even further to discover the Conservatory Gardens, water falls, the Harlem Meer, woodlands, and much more.
Discover Central Park in the comfort of a Pedicab Rickshaw guided tour throughout the most visited park in the U.S! This tour is a cry out from past customers for us to go further and beyond our 1 and 2 hour tours. We listened and we delivered!
- Herbert Mc.
We are happy to show the more 'Naturalist Places' of Central Park. We have crafted a customized tour of the park, in its entirety, where you will have the chance to visit many of the park's hidden gems and crevices. Several Stops (optional) along the way for an abundant of photo opportunities.

  • The first ever Millionaries Avenue, Mansion row
  • The Ladies Pavilion, The North Woods, and The Ravine
  • Harlem Meer, The Conservatory Gardens

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